One of the best examples of this is Dorothy Kilgallen.

But plenty of other people around the world definitely continued "looking at" and delving into not just how language started, but also how it all evolved ...

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"Well, I've got to go. You concentrate on learning lesson number four and think about how you'll handle lesson number five. Some life lessons can't be repeated so you have to get everything out of them the first time."

Enchantment and Disenchantment: The Role of Community …

We're all looking for whatever it is we missed or needed to know that, to be quite blunt, completely gets lost in the Batsh*t Crazy aspects of everyday life.

The Future of War: The Re-Enchantment of War in the Twenty-First ..

In the meantime, Sheik Rashid chatted amiably with young Kyla, who was doing her very best to seem a woman of the world who hobnobbed with men of wealth on a daily basis.

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Identical in many ways, Laura and Kyla had been brought up in the catty, mean-spirited world of the beauty contest. Both mother and daughter were totally comfortable with mealy-mouthed hypocrisy. In their hands it was a lethal weapon. Intensely competitive, Laura hated the idea of her young daughter stealing a march on her with the Sheik. God knows she desperately needed to impress him. To start off by being late wasn't helping. She swallowed her frustration as Ilsa greeted her at the airport.

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You just have to dig deep enough within the hallowed, numbed, and subdued hemispheres of your cerebellum to intellectually "thump" every fiber of your brain where ultimately your life's drama gets structured and shaped to flow freely from thoughts, ideas, perceptions, perspectives, and, ultimately, into actions.

to be a significant part of Western re-enchantment

We've now isolated and sequestered ourselves in our own little worlds of whatever it is we're invariably "wrapped up in."It doesn't help that we are continually numbed and distracted by nonsensical, debilitating interruptions and diversions (a lot of which are advertisements, including all of the "product placements" in movies), crippling our intellect and muting our creativity.

a general theory of the re-enchantment of the West.

2003, Report to Scottish Quakers on Fact-finding Visit to the World Council ofChurches (Decade for Overcoming Violence), Religious Society of Friends,Britain Yearly Meeting & General Meeting Scotland, March 2003.