in the presence of radiological signs.

In more severe cases, a gap may be seen, or be palpable, at the level of the spondylolisthesis, and may be increased when the patient is moved into extension.It is also possible for radicular pain, with or without neurological symptoms and signs, to evolve.

In spondylolysis, there is usually no need to consider surgical intervention.

It usually occurs at L5 on S1 and can be as severe as a grade 4, with massive neurological deficits. Traumatic SpondylolisthesisA rare condition, usually brought about by major trauma, resulting in fractures of both pars interarticulares.

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These are: Congenital SpondylolisthesisUsually occurs most commonly in girls, with some familial predisposition, and is associated with other congenital dysplasia e.g.

radiological signs in spondylolisthesis.

The spondylolisthetic slip is defined as grades 1 - 4, with grade 1 being defined as a displacement forward by 1/4 of the antero-posterior diameter, grade 2 as 2/4 (or 1/2), grade 3 as 3/4 and grade 4 as 4/4, or full anterior displacement.

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If a relationship is established between the spondylolysis and the symptoms, treatment may vary from rest from the aggravating activity, to gentle mobilisation of spine (always being aware that increasing range of motion may be contraindicated in this type of pathology), to braces/corsets, to exercises - particularly exercises, which aim to provide support to the lumbar spine and control the lordosis.

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It is thought to be secondary to increased mobility of the L4/5 segment, resulting in degenerative disc disease, segmental instability and degenerative facet joints, which tend to sublux. Spondylolytic SpondylolisthesisOccurs as a result of bilateral pars interarticulares fractures and is most common at L5 on S1.

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It is interesting to note that, in cricket, the bowling action seen in fast bowlers involves rotation and extension, often resulting in a stress fracture/spondylolysis on the opposite side to the bowling arm.

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Alistair Robson Award 2012, The Spine Society of Australia 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting 2012 for paper, 'Compensatory mechanisms and the effect of age on sagittal balance in spondylolisthesis: an analysis utilizing the pelvic radius technique.'

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On the other hand, should the spondylolisthesis be at fault, the aims of treatment would be to decrease symptoms, stabilise the spine and control the degree of lordosis.