Synthesis of Radiolabeled Compounds

No contract service provider has more experience performing custom synthesis and producing isotopically labeled compounds to support product development in life science, chemical and related industries than we do. From 14C and 3H radiolabeled clinical trial materials synthesized under cGMP, to stable-labeled active ingredients for metabolism and environmental fate/effects testing, turn to EAG. We have extensive experience with multi-step and other complex synthesis projects, and our comprehensive, in-house analytical services ensure quick turnaround of purity and structural confirmation.

... can rapidly synthesize custom organic compounds to accelerate your R&D programs - [e]
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The following list shows providers of services in the field of chemical and natural sciences research and development as well as individual chemical syntheses: contract research and order synthesis.

Custom R&D and Catalog - Peptides, Peptide Synthesis …

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specialises in consultancy and laboratory based contract R&D supporting a range of industries including peptide synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis, polymer synthesis, biocatalysis, cell culture and all aspects of chromatography. The company also offers custom synthesis of peptides and contract purification of any molecule, small or large - [e]

Organic Synthesis, Radiolabeled Pharmaceuticals and ..

Custom synthesis is an important part of our business. ARC employs a group of highly skilled and experienced PhD chemists who can tackle virtually any type of organic and biochemical synthesis. Because of our small size we offer very competitive prices, fast delivery, high quality products and prompt quotations. In most cases we are able to give immediate quotations and beat other competitor's prices by a wide margin.

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Dr. Andrzej Czerwinski, Senior Research Chemist at Peptides International, specializes in solution-phase organic and peptide synthesis. While he speaks many languages, Andrzej is generally a quiet presence. However, when he does say something, all other discussion usually stops because a well-reasoned, intelligent and often humorous comment will follow. Dr. Czerwinski’s studies and profession have taken him from his native Gdańsk, Poland to Germany, Italy, Texas, and finally to Louisville, KY. In addition to being a talented peptide chemist, he is also extensively published. Professionally, he is most proud of his contribution to the total synthesis of the structurally and biologically unusual peptide antibiotic, edeine D, at the Technical University of Gdańsk.

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R&D organisation in the field of organic synthesis. Service covers contract research including the development of new and efficient synthetic routes, product synthesis on lab scale and technology transfer to manufacturing locations - [e]