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Jonathan Goldman, Nuclear Spin Detection and Optical Pumping in Semiconductor Quantum Dots. []

This thesis describes a series of experiments aimed at understanding the low-temperature electrical transport properties of semiconductor nanowires. The semiconductor nanowires (1-100 nm in diameter) are grown from nanoscale gold particles via a chemical process called vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth. The huge versatility of this material system (e.g. in size and materials) results in a wide range of potential applications in (opto-)electronics. During the last few years many important proofs of concept have already been provided like lasers, field-effect transistors, light emitting diodes, and biochemical sensors. Simultaneously, the versatility of semiconductor nanowires creates new opportunities for the study of quantum transport phenomena. The quantum mechanical properties of semiconductor nanowires become visible at low temperatures (below a few Kelvin) and can be very different from room-temperature transport properties. For instance, the confinement of electrons in a small nanowire segment results in a discrete electronic energy spectrum forming a quantum dot, or artificial atom.

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Charles M. Santori, Generation of Nonclassical Light Using Semiconductor Quantum Dots. []

Fabrication and characterization techniques of electrical circuit elements at the nanometer scale. Quantized conductance, semiconductor quantum dots, single electron transistors, molecular wires, carbon nanotubes, self-assembly of nano-circuit elements, quantum methods of information processing.

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These models are used to predict the electronic, spin and transport properties of a triple quantum dot molecule (TQDM) as a function of topology, gate configuration, bias and magnetic field.

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The density of states in a semiconductor equals the density per unit volume and energy of the number of solutions to Schrödinger's equation. We will assume that the semiconductor can be modeled as an infinite quantum well in which electrons with effective mass, *, are free to move. The energy in the well is set to zero. The semiconductor is assumed a cube with side . This assumption does not affect the result since the density of states per unit volume should not depend on the actual size or shape of the semiconductor.

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It is shown that the gallium doping significantly impacts the conductivity of CdSe thin film made of the quantum dots as well as the photoluminescence and chemical reactivity of the quantum dots, in agreement with the expected n-type character.

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The multi-band effective mass approximation was adapted for the calculationof the electronic structure and optical transitions in cubic GaAs/AlAs quantumdots and in the recently discovered InAs/GaAs self-assembled structures.

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Thecalculation revealed the importance of factors such as the quantum mechanicalmixing between bulk basis states, inhomogeneous strain and symmetry in theconstruction of the optical signatures of these dots.
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