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1. What is the underlying theoretical basis of the article?
To answer this question, you will read (and understand) the article’s Introduction. In addition, you might want to make use of your textbook and match up the ideas presented in the article with material from the text (looking for similar concepts). The textbook will help give you some background to the ideas, but the majority of the information will come from the article itself.
When answering this question, you might want to touch on the following ideas:
What general “psychological theory” are the authors basing their work upon? Discuss this theoretical basis. What is it? What does it say about human nature (how does it explain the behaviour of people)? How does this theoretical basis relate to this specific article? This part of your answer can be rather lengthy (i.e. two pages, or more)

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Remember, that when you choose a topic from this list or an online psychology thesis topic generator that you write your thesis and the topic in your own words. This is very important if you wish to pass copy-scape checks that are done by your instructors.

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