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Protein Synthesis (1971 version) ..

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Science Students Produce Video Feature on Protein Synthesis ..

Activity | Tell students that they will view an unnarrated animation of either DNA transcription or translation, two of the initial steps involved in making proteins. Working in small groups, they will write scripts to accompany the animations. To do this, they will need to refer to the material their textbook provides on these two processes. They also may find current information on transcription and translation in the e-book .”

Effect of Actinobolin on Nucleic Acid and Protein Synthesis in ..

Jeff just called me to tell me that he watched this insane video from 1971 called Protein Synthesis in his Biochemistry class this morning. The movie was directed by a guy named a Robert Alan Weiss and was made for the Department of Chemistry for Stanford University. The video clearly shows that protein synthesis in your body is actually done by a pack of dirty hippies tripping on god-knows-what. It’s impossible to say what the best part of this is, the T-Factor wearing a black cape and a giant beard, the near-narrative music, the poetic stoner narrating, or the fact that Jeff goes to MIT and they’re still showing this there.

Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level – Michael …

El-Rady views the remake as a tribute to the 37-year-old original, but hopes that “Lost in Translation” will offer a modern, humorous take on protein synthesis for instructors and students.

Protein Synthesis by Skeletal Muscle Ribosomes

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