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Instead, he and colleagues focused on a different role for FMRP – regulating the synthesis of proteins that alter DNA packaging. His team’s previous work had hinted that FMRP controls a group of proteins called epigenetic regulators. These proteins help wind strands of DNA into complex structures called chromatin. Looser packaging allows genes to become more active, while tighter packaging keeps genes quiet. In this way, chromatin-shaping proteins can control gene behavior.

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Synthetic peptides have a wide variety of uses ranging from structure-function analysis of sites within the protein, binding assays, receptor agonists/antagonists, to immunogens for the production of antisera. Regardless of the specific application, all that is required from the investigator to initiate peptide synthesis is the sequence of the desired peptide and an account number. We will attempt to synthesize virtually any sequence provided by the investigators. The Peptide Synthesis Service provides a complete range of services including cleavage, HPLC purification, quality assurance analysis and a variety of amino acid derivatization/labeling techniques.

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One of the most often asked questions is what region of a protein to synthesize to produce anti-peptide antisera. Although there is no correct answer for any protein, there are a number of computer programs derived from several publications that provide good approximations for immunogenic regions within proteins . These are available from the Rockefeller University Computer Services in the Smith Hall User Area.

Prior to finalizing your peptide sequence please consider the following points:

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