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I admire how you answer all the questions. Hopefully you will answer mine too :)
I am a 30 year old female with 2 kids (my younger one is 1 year old). I am pretty active and recently started taking pilates twice a week
My problem is the tummy fat , I lost all the fat from other parts except for the tummy . I can wear an xs size tshirt except my tummy is not tucked in .

Abs, they say, are made in the kitchen, and guess what else is?

My recommendation (for the diet) is to start small. At first, keep your diet unchanged, but make sure to focus on eating more protein with every meal. Once your workouts get more intense though, start adding in extra calories to support muscle growth.

Abs, they say, are made in the kitchen, and guess what else is?

I was just wondering if it’s a bad idea to strength train in the morning and at night? Will that actually decrease muscle mass because the lack of recovery/sleep? I have to wake up at five thirty if I want to strength train and I go go to bed around 11-ish.

Vitamin B12 amount: 15 µg in 3 oz serving (625% DV)

Last week I binged and ate tons of cookies, then lifted and the next week I didn’t binge and I couldn’t lift the same weight I did last week. Does this mean I should add a pre workout meal? And if so what should I have? I’m 15, 5.5 and weigh 130.

Vitamin B12 amount: 84 µg in 3 oz serving (1,400% DV)

I’m at an early phase of weight training and I’m doing 5×5 stronglifts. When I did my last body fat measurement, I realized I gained around 1 kg muscle but also a lot of fat. Is this normal?

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be experiencing amazing muscle gains.

You not binging has probably little or nothing to do with the fact that you lifted less the following workout. There was probably some other factor at play here (probably lack of sleep/recovery).

Magnesium amount: 500 mg per cup (119% of DV)

I work really hard on making sure that when I step into the gym, my stomach is as empty as possible. I found out that for me, working out on an empty stomach is the best thing in the world because it allows me to be focused (due to the sympathetic nervous system). Every time I eat before a workout (2 to 3 hours beforehand) I get drowzy and I’m not able to switch into beast mode :)

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. ~Peter Drucker

How long it takes for the size to follow up your strength gains? This depends from person to person so I can’t give you a definitive answer. But a safe bet would be I’d say a couple of months. And even if after a couple of months, you don’t see any progress in size, then just keep on pushing forward because size WILL eventually follow. Once you’re able to bench 225 lbs for reps, you can be sure that you’re going to have pecs that reflect that :)

Magnesium amount: 479 mg per cup (114% of DV)

Great article. Like the part about measurable goals as I made the same mistake. Performance based goals are better than vanity based goals because you can measure your performance, meet your expectations and the looks follow. Vanity based goals always leave one despondent as the magazine cover body takes much time and effort.