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Limbs for Life is a global nonprofit organization whose core focus is provision of quality prosthetic care to amputees who do not have resources to obtain it. Raising awareness of challenges facing amputees and educating the public about the abilities restored to the individual through prosthetic care is also critical to our mission. The Foundation is a resource for limb loss awareness and a partner to the prosthetic care industry to meet the needs of this specific amputee community.

I have silicon breast prosthesis and surgical bras to donate to San Jose Costa Rica

Relationships in the business sector help broaden awareness of the organization and the need for quality prosthetic care. Sponsorship of events and partnerships to raise awareness support our ongoing mission. Join our Corporate Partners in support of Limbs for Life Foundation.

Prosthetic Limbs Get a Second Life as Donations

I have silicon prosthesis and surgical bras to donate to San Jose Costa Rica

I am a missionary here in Costa Rica and bring back donations to the hospital where I receive my treatment. If you are interested in donating I can give you my sister's address in MN and I will bring them back next time I visit home. It was been wonderful providing these donations to women who otherwise would not have the bras and prosthesis. We also bring back wigs and scarves if anyone has any they not longer need. Let me know and I will PM you her information. Thank you and God Bless. Feel free to pass the word.

Our donation program began in 2001

So many of our customers, and those of you who have found us online, have been so generous in donating bras and prostheses you are no longer using. The post-mastectomy products available in Canada are unheard of in small towns and cities in Africa and other developing nations. Without you, these products would not be available there.

P.O.C.C. | Prosthetic Hope International

An important part of our program at Limbs for Life is to provide used prosthetic components to developing countries. Each week Limbs for Life receives shipments of used limbs that are no longer needed by the original client. The limbs are dismantled and broken down into component parts and made available for worldwide humanitarian efforts led by foundations, groups and individuals. While laws regulate reuse of certain components in the United States, many items may be utilized in foreign countries. Our partnerships with prosthetic clinics and several non-profit agencies around the globe allow Limbs for Life, based in Oklahoma-City, to impact the lives of amputees on four continents.

Donations accepted until 25-12-2020

3. How do I apply for assistance?
Complete the application and have your prosthetist or clinic complete their sections as well. Include a readable copy of your photo ID; If not a US citizen, you must send a copy of your Permanent Resident Card. Send application and photo ID to Limbs for Life Foundation by mail, email or fax.