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A: You and your personal fitter will go into a private fitting room where you can discuss your situation and communicate your needs. Your fitter will ascertain your bra size and provide you with a selection of bras based on your requirements. She will then show you a selection of breast forms, which you will try in the bra. This process will enable you and your fitter to find the best prosthesis possible in size, shape and weight for your body.

We have an extensive range of post-surgery pocketed bras, swimwear, prostheses and accessories.

In the 1980s, Ottawa women who had undergone partial or full mastectomies and needed prosthetics had to buy them from their local pharmacy. There was no fitting process or personal touch to this intimate and deeply personal undertaking—just an order form.

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Marianne's carries a full line of bras and lingerie, swimwear, fashion clothing and mastectomy apparel.

Marianne changed that. In 1986, she opened a boutique to provide not only breast prostheses and the specialized lingerie to fit them, but also a caring and supportive setting for her customers. Marianne's swiftly gained a reputation for knowledgeable, attentive service and remarkable dedication to excellence in her products and her sales process. In the early days, Marianne would often take apart bras and re-sew them herself to create a custom fit.