You may encounter a thesis statement that reads:

If you are struggling with how to write a thesis statement, review the following article and keep in mind that a thesis statement defines the purpose of the essay, and is usually placed in the first paragraph. Knowing how to write a thesis statement helps the writer, since it forces the condensation of the essential ideas of the essay into a few sentences, and develops the argument that will follow. The thesis statement provides a short guide to what will come next in the essay. A strong thesis statement is best, where the writer gives one definite opinion, and invites the reader to disagree. It should involve only one idea, and give reasons for the statement. A thesis statement that does not contain a strong statement that may invite controversy and debate does not satisfy its objective.

Writing a thesis can only be possible when your paper has been completely approved.

Writing hooks for essay can be considered as the tip of an iceberg. This means it gives a beautiful introduction and a great start to the topic in an essay. Hence, a writer should pay attention on the overall presentation of the essay and give their best to attract the readers to go through their work.

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When the topic of an essay is assigned, the thesis statement should address it, and focus on a specific problem or question that the topic involves. If the topic is not assigned, choose a topic and select an aspect of the topic that can invite debate. For instance, if the topic is illegal immigration, choose an aspect of that topic that can lead to a strong argument, such as the legality of the new anti-immigration laws just passed by the state of Arizona. These laws are now being challenged by the Obama administration. A good thesis statement would describe the new laws, the challenge by the federal government, the writer’s opinion on whether the laws should stand, and why. This is an example of what should be covered in a good thesis statement.

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Now you try! Using what you have done so far—idea map and lists, outline, etc.—write a thesis statement that responds to the . Remember that there is no one perfect thesis statement, but do your best to respond to the essay prompt, sum up your main idea, and preview your subpoints.

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Next, the writer should give specific reasons for the statement. Giving specific reasons for the opinion in a sentence or two will give the essay more focus, and make it more interesting to read.

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As you write the essay, you may find that the focus is changing, or even that your own opinion on the topic changes. If this happens, the thesis statement will need to be altered to reflect your new point of view. For this reason it is helpful to draft the thesis at the beginning of writing, and finish writing it at the end of the composition process. A strong thesis statement forms the core of the essay, and should be re-stated at the end of the essay, as the conclusion.

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You may have heard teachers in the past talk about the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes the main point of your essay and previews your supporting points. The thesis statement is important because it guides your readers from the beginning of your essay by telling them the main idea and supporting points of your essay.

Generally, the thesis statement is the final sentence of your introduction. Sometimes, it is a good idea to use two sentences. For example, you might identify your main point in one sentence and then identify your supporting points in a second sentence. (Some might call this second sentence a preview sentence.) Other times, your thesis statement will only be one sentence. Either is acceptable, but remember that you need a clear thesis statement at the end of your introduction so that your reader understands your main point and knows what to expect from the rest of your essay.

To create your thesis statement, consider the following.

What is the essay prompt asking you to do? (It will be helpful to look at the key words that you’ve underlined). Are you being asked to describe something, compare the advantages of disadvantages of a topic, argue an opinion, or something else?