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Customers are resources that there are positive effect on innovativeness, product quality and cost, because it diversifies the resource that is available to the development teams.

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In the area of Business Intelligence the question was how to do this. Most IT people do not know about Meta5 so they were not aware that there was a perfect tool available to perform “Agile” development all along.

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The cycle begins with the product development stage, when the company finds and develops a new product idea.

Now that IT has recognised the weaknesses of the waterfall methodology depicted in the first picture above and are promoting highly iterative cycles of development? IT is finally beginning to realise the value that Meta5 has brought to business users all along.

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So when you hear your IT people talk about how they are adopting a new development methodology for your data warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions called “Agile”? Please let them know about Meta5 and suggest to them that this sort of “Agile” development is an extremely good match for Meta5s unique capabilities.

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You can do all this, determine the value of the application, and put it in to production without the need to go to IT and invoke the standard System Development Life Cycle process depicted in the first diagram above. Meta5 users have been doing this for 30 years! No wonder “Agile” is not “news” to Meta5 users!

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Recommended courses for the Master of Food Science focus on the areas of food product development and food safety, which have the greatest number of food industry jobs for graduates at the Master level and is an area of great interest from applicants. Recently there has been increasing demand for specific training in food safety for inspection and certification throughout the food industry. Industry also wants students with an understanding of business structure and organizations, organization skills, and abilities to communicate with diverse groups and work in teams. These positions require knowledge of the safe development and use of new and modified ingredients in food products.


As suggested by Sanden et al., (2006) that in order to potentially achieve higher consumer value, consumer satisfaction and high profit margins from new product, activation of consumer in the development process is strongly advised.


The purpose of our report is to test whether or not our product will be of success and or test what things are necessary to launch our business, J.J.L.