What these companies are doing is illegal and immoral.

And that's not even touching on the other ugly consequences of that fear mongering, such as the concentration camp the US now runs in Cuba, out of sight and out of mind... sheesh.

There was a statement in the article that was previously mentioned that just took me by surprise.

Security is a need that we all have and privacy is seen as a "bonus". What people don't realize is that when they give up privacy then they will ultimately become less secure. The difference is that the "enemy" changes. It may not be terrorist any longer now it is the government or the rogue elements within government.

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The task of our first Module lies in clarifying two things: (1) Why do we care about informational "privacy" --especially Privacy in Cyberspace? What values does privacy protect? and (2) What are the legal sources that will help inform our decisions about what protection should be given online privacy? In addition, (3) we have prepared a short tutorial on how the internet works because many of the issues arising in Cyberspace depend on understanding the technological possibilities for tracking online behavior.

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However, many users are quickly finding that the information they intend to share with their friends can all too easily find its way into the hands of the authorities, strangers, the press, and the public at large....

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(This version of the statement emphasizes the Medieval, not modern, teenager, but it still does not present an argument to be defended)

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Criticism of the constitutional right to privacy has continued,particularly in the popular press, Roe v. Wade may be injeopardy, and many viewed the Bowers decision as evidence ofthe demise of the constitutional right to privacy. Yet in 2003 inLawrence v. Texas (538 U.S. 918), the Supreme Court ruled5–4 that a Texas statute making it a crime for two people of thesame sex to engage in certain intimate behavior violated the guaranteeof equal protection and vital interests in liberty and privacyprotected by the due process clause of the Constitution, thusoverruling Bowers v. Hardwick. Jean L. Cohen (2002) gives atheoretical defense of this inclusive view of the constitutional rightto privacy. She defends a constructivist approach to privacy rightsand intimacy, arguing that privacy rights protect personal autonomyand that a constitutionally protected right to privacy isindispensable for a modern conception of reason and her interpretationof autonomy. Currently many non U.S. countries protect interests inwhat is now called constitutional privacy, without the controversythat is somewhat more common in the U.S. For example, constitutionalprivacy has been used in the U.S. to strike down anti-sodomy laws, andto protect individual choice of one’s marriage partner. InEurope many countries now protect same sex marriage, such as theNetherlands for over 10 years and more recently Germany since2017.

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1. What features of this practice, if any, raise privacy concerns? Is the concern that RealNetworks did not tell users who downloaded their software that it was collecting data regarding their music preferences? Or, is there something troubling about such monitoring in general-even if the website tells a user about the practice?