PP Systems - CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System

The system is powered by a very efficient and powerful internal Li-Ion battery providing up to 8 hours operation in the field eliminating or reducing the requirement to change out batteries.

The most portable, fully integrated photosynthesis system for high level research

Since 1984, PP Systems has been supplying quality, rugged and reliable instrumentation to customers throughout the world for high level research. They are considered a world leader in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for measurement of photosynthesis, soil respiration, chlorophyll fluorescence, CO2/H2O gas analysis and vegetation reflectance.

CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System from PP Systems

The system is easily configured for hazardous area locations: ClassI Division I and Class I Division II.

Our product range covers a wide range of applications covering photosynthesis and cellular respiration research including oxygen measurement systems, chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems and chlorophyll content measurement systems.

PP-System CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System Product Features

Heinz Walz GmbH manufactures microscopy chlorophyllfluorometer for assessment of photosynthesis at single cell level, phytoplanktonresearch, guard cells, phytopathology studies (extreme resolution downto single chloroplasts), chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system for awide range of chlorophyll fluorescence imaging applications, includingecotoxicology, phytopathology, plant stress physiology, plant molecularbiology, horticulture and agriculture.

demonstrate their CIRAS-3, a portable photosynthesis system

LI-COR Inc is a manufacturer of photosynthesis measurement systems, infraredgas analyzers includes open path CO2/H2O gas analyzer for making flux measurements,leaf area meters, sensors and calibrators, spectroradiometers, dataloggers,light meters, flow control devices, dew point generators, weather stations.

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Stomatal conductance and rates of net photosynthesis were measured continuously in the light and in the dark using a Portable Photosynthesis System CIRAS-1.

The Portable Photosynthesis System CIRAS-1 was used to ..

Treatment of broad bean leaves with K 2 CO 3 + Plantacare resulted in a rapid decrease in net photosynthesis during the first hour, and then the rates of net photosynthesis increased rapidly and approached to those of the water control.

a CIRAS-2 portable photosynthesis system

Hansatech Instruments is a small, British, scientific instrument company located in the heart of rural Norfolk. For over 40 years, our efforts have been concentrated towards the design & manufacture of high quality oxygen electrode and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems for the studies of cellular respiration & photosynthesis research. Our product range covers a wide range of applications within the following fields of study: