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Origins and development of Modern Architecture in Europe from 1890 to World War II, and its further evolution in Europe and America from 1918 to 1945. Prerequisites: ARCH 2303 and 2304

Think about the plan of chapters and decide what is best to report your work.

The exam topics for the technical areas are given in the ME Ph.D. Qualifying Exam handout. The Qualifying examination is normally offered twice a year the week prior to the beginning of the Fall and/or Spring semesters. A student should inform the ME graduate advisor in advance and no later than the middle of the long semester prior to the planned time of taking the exam and consult with the ME graduate advisor for the time and place of the Qualifying examination.

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A fundamental course addressing phenomena related to the time-independent interactions between structural flexibility and aerodynamic loads as relevant to flying vehicles. Emphasis is placed upon the development and use of simple analytical and/or interactive computational models that capture the essential aspects of the static aeroelastic phenomena investigated and provide insight into the response, including i) aeroelastic divergence; ii) aeroelastic change in control effectiveness; iii) aeroelastic distribution of lift; and iv) aeroelastic change in longitudinal static stability.

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Expands the student's concept of the environment as a large scale ecologic unit independent of political boundaries. Primary focus is on Geographic Information Systems (GIS); therefore, computer-aided design experience is a prerequisite. Presents a process of solving large scale planning problems through data gathering and information processing techniques commonly used by landscape architects employed in environmental planning.

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A design course for students with no background in landscape architecture or design. Outlines the site planning and site design decision-making process. Focuses on providing students with the verbal, intellectual, and graphic tools necessary to successfully tackle a design problem and bring it to a schematic level of completion. It is highly recommended that this course be taken concurrently with LARC 5320.

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NOTE: If you plan to combine online courses with traditional courses and live, interactive video courses from U.T. Permian, you should refer to the graduate program degree requirements on the Kinesiology Home Page as there are additional courses available to you.

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