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This dissertation presents an 8-bit, 5-stage interleaved and pipelined ADC that performs analog processing only by means of open-loop circuits such as differential pairs and source followers, thereby achieving a high conversion rate.

Therefore, the total power consumption of the pipelined ADC can be greatly reduced.

The algorithmic ADC aims to measure the non-linear error of the raw pipelined ADC and compensate it by interpolation-based procedure in the digital domain.

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The SNR of the pipelined ADC is 72.77dB and the FOM is 1.3pJ/step.

To distinguish between the Day and Night modes, an external "timer" generates the signal "day" which is equal to '1' between 8h00 and 20h00 and '0' otherwise.

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As a result the pipelined ADC analog power can be dramatically reduced.
The architecture includes a low power raw pipelined ADC and a high resolution algorithmic ADC.

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Pipeline Adc Phd Thesis There are few things more complicated in analytics (all analytics, big data and huge data! ) than multi channel attribution modeling. Have fought valiant battles.

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Furthermore, existing non-pipelined solutions for this bandwidth range are few in numbers, and this presents an opportunity for innovation at both the architectural and circuit design level.

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This thesis explores a pipelined ADC design that employs a variety of low-power techniques such as dynamic residue amplification and incomplete settling in a unique way to maximize the speed while maintaining low energy (98 fJ/conv-step).