What pigments makes up the brick color in a Coleus leaf?

Explain that the sun’s energy is captured by pigments in the leaves and used in a number of ways including making glucose through photosynthesis, but also explain that some of the energy is reemitted as red fluorescence.

In this lab a red, green and brown algae will be used to extract the photosynthetic pigments from.

The sun is the source of energy for almost all life on Earth. Plants convert solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis. Animals eat plants and use the chemical energy to build their own bodies. When you eat an apple, you are eating sunshine!

what pigments in the coleus leaf where photosynthetic

If it is a different color can it contain pigments that will be useful for photosynthesis?

Molecules in plants called 'pigments' absorb light energy (photons) to initiate the process of converting light to chemical energy. The main photosynthetic pigments are chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b. However, plants have other important pigments such as carotenes and xanthophylls. These accessory pigments make photosynthesis more efficient by absorbing light and transferring the energy to chlorophyll.

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The gel is spotted and then the slide or aluminium sheet is
placed vertically in a beaker or Coplin jar containing solvent at the

l Further experiment can employ pigments from different plants.

The leaves and stem together form the shoot

We will also be extracting the photosynthetic pigments from Coleus sp., which is a red land plant leaf and, and compare the accessory pigments of this to the red algae....

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Before photosynthesis can occur, light must be absorbed by pigments in the plant. However, the different wavelengths of light are not absorbed equally by a particular pigment. In the following activity you will determine what wavelengths of light are absorbed by chlorophyll a. The absorption spectrum of chlorophyll a will give you some insights into why plants are (famously) green.

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8) In your Lab Report Booklet, record the distance the solvent and the pigments traveled and calculate the Rf value for each pigment (Rf equation is given in the Report Booklet).

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3) Remove the thick vein from a spinach or Coleus leaf, fold the leaf and place it over the pencil line on your paper. Roll the edge of a coin or plastic cylinder over the leaf to crush the pigments onto the paper.