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It’s a certain kind of game that makes players periodically take out their phones to take pictures of the board for how beautiful it is. Photosynthesis, from designer Hjalmar Hach and published by , is precisely that kind of game. But looks can be deceiving – what may present itself as a beautiful, tranquil game of arboreal splendor is probably more thinky than you might expect.

Students will also color coat their digestive system color sheets or a grade will not be assigned.

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When students finish they are to work on any missing assignments for me.

Photosynthesis ends when the sun completes its third rotation around the board (or fourth, in one of the game’s ‘advanced’ variants). Once that is done, players will add up the point tokens they drew from completing the life cycle of their trees, get some bonus points for left-over light points, and a winner is declared.