Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

.jpg”>Some organisms, however, do not require oxygen at all to break down sugar into ATP; these undergo a process known as fermentation. Fermentation requires an anaerobic environment (no oxygen) and produces byproducts that are different from those produced during cellular respiration. One of these byproducts is alcohol, a major ingredient in beer. Beer is produced by yeast that is undergoing fermentation. Many organisms can do either process, depending on the availability of oxygen or other nutrients. If the required materials are not present, this affects an organism’s ability to grow and sometimes to survive. Factors that can affect an organism’s metabolic pathway include temperature, sugar availability, and the presence or absence of oxygen. All of the processes in an organism, from creating molecules to breaking them down, are collectively known as that organism’s metabolism.

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Explain that this process represents the breaking of chemical bonds and the release of chemical energy which is then converted by the organism into mechanical and heat energy.

"Respiration versus Photosynthesis" activity

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Aligned to Science TEKS with clear Learning Outcomes, this unit covers instructional content including Chemical Energy and ATP, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, and Fermentation.