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Photosynthesis is defined as the chemical process, wherein carbon dioxide in the presence of water and radiant energy gets converted to glucose (chemical energy), giving out oxygen as byproducts.

What is the Photosynthesis Equation?

Green plants along with algae and some bacteria are grouped under photoautotrophs, meaning they can make their own food in the presence of light by photosynthesis.

Chloroplasts - containing chlorophyll and enzymes needed for reactions in photosynthesis.

The basic idea is that plants capture light energy anduse it to split water molecules and then combine the products withcarbon dioxide to make carbohydrates, which are used for fuel andconstruction of the plant; oxygen is a by-product of this reaction,which is summarized as:

Here is the equation for photosynthesis:

During this process, a phosphateis added to a molecule to cause the formation of ATP.

The word equation for photosynthesis is: Light [IMAGE]Carbon Dioxide + Water Glucose + Oxygen Chlorophyll Although most of the glucose produced is converted into insoluble starch for storage in the stem, leaves or roots, some is used immediately by the plant to provide via respiration....

Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation

6CO + 6H O ® C H O + 12O (in the presence of light energy and chlorophyll) Aim- The aim of the experiment is to determine what effect light intensity has upon the rate of photosynthesis of Canadian Pondweed (Elodea)....

The Balanced Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis?

In terms ofa chemical formula, this process is the same as described above forplant respiration, only in this case, the microbes do not make thefuel themselves.

See the balanced overall chemical reaction for photosynthesis.

In reality, it is the litterfall that is actually measured instudies of carbon flow through ecosystems; that, combined with ameasure of the gross primary productivity (the total amount of carbonused in photosynthesis) gives an estimate of the plant respirationflow according to the following equation:

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More precisely, this ratio is 100 to 50; these are the currentbest estimates for the total amount of carbon, in gigatons, used andreleased in photosynthesis and respiration each year on a globalbasis.

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Itis important to note once again that there is an upper limit to thistemperature sensitivity function in the real world, but we do notexpect to approach it in this modeling exercise, so we will not tryto incorporate it into our equation.

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Prediction: I predict that as the light source (desk lamp) is moved closer to the pondweed (Elodea), the rate of photosynthesis will increase therefore more oxygen will be produced creating more bubbles.