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By sharing their stories they invite us to see ourselves in a different mirror.“ Out of my fellow composition students, at State University, I am the only one whose great great grandparents came over to the USA....

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Literacy Online's proceedings of the 1996 World Conferences on Literacy entitled "Development of an Early Reading Program for Day Care Centers in Urban Poor Communities in the Philippines".

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Quezon City: Asian Center, University of the Philippines. Alonto, Abdulghafur M.

There is increasing pressure to recognize the global implications of education and to establish educational programs that guarantee the development of a highly trained workforce.22 Early childhood education faces this same pressure, often in the guise of academic curriculum that is “pushed down” from primary schools, and in increasing pressure from schools and schools systems to ensure that children entering school are prepared, particularly for the academic demands of school.23

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We pioneered many “firsts” in the field of Philippine education. In the 1930s, we developed a distinctly Filipino approach to non-traditional education through our Early Childhood Education program using JASMS as our educational laboratory (today JASMS, or the Jose Abad Santos Memorial School, continues to provide Basic Education from the pre-school to the high school level). Although we initially enrolled only women, male students were admitted in the 1970s when PWU went coeducational further enriching the diversity that PWU fosters among its students.

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development [online].

Notes Signed Enrollment Assessment Form together with the Official Receipt of your Payment is your proof that you are officially enrolled. Upon enrollment, you will be requested to get an original copy of your Transcript of Records from your previous school attended bearing the remark “For Philippine Women’s University”

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The University of Southern Mississippi has collected a number of English languages versions of the tale at its site and also hosts collections ofJack the Giant Killer and Red Riding Hood stories at the same site.

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