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A doctoral programme consists of two parts: courses and thesis, forming a total of 240 ECTS credits, in which the doctoral thesis is to account for at least 120 credits. A doctoral programme involves a total of four years of full-time study.

First, law's addressees consider their potential legal liability in case they don't abide the norm.

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The research was conducted in light of the debate on the fragmentation of international law.

You may also receive ordination as a Rabbi at no extra cost. Becoming ordained, whether as a Rabbi or Ordained Minister, offers legal protection should you in future accept donations for any spiritual services or spiritual counseling / advising. Ordination means you become clergy enabling you to develop the clergy – client confidentiality relationship such as attorneys and doctors have. You’ve heard of attorney privilege, there is also clergy privilege.

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If you are unable to offer these qualifications, you may still be considered for admission if you hold a first-class Bachelors degree in Law, or other relevant discipline, from an approved university, or a professional or other qualification deemed to be appropriate and equivalent.

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The seminary allows you to choose your religious degree title. Jewish Bachelor degrees we have conferred in the past are Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies, Bachelor of Hebrew Studies, Bachelor of Hebrew Theology, Doctor of Jewish Theology, Bachelor of Theology in Judaism, Bachelor of Judaic Studies (we have conferred a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies). Those Bachelor degrees come immediately to mind, but you can customize your own degree title.

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IF YOU NEED MULTIPLE DEGREES, there are packages. THE SECOND IS HALF-PRICE and Alumni Discount will help you if you want a complete series of degrees, Bachelor, Masters followed by Doctorate Degree. Religious degrees are unique in that you do not have to get a Bachelors or Masters first before receiving a Doctor of Divinity degree, for example or religious degree of Ph.D.

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You may choose your own religious degree title. Just this afternoon we received a request from an artist for a PhD in Aesthetic Theology. In over 25 years of granting religious degrees of all kinds, this degree title is new to us – but it is certainly approved. He is also approved to submit some of his art for his thesis.