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The graduate program in industrial engineering is designed to provide the student with fundamental knowledge in the various areas of industrial engineering and with the opportunity to emphasize in a particular area. A student pursuing a doctoral degree may specialize in any area of industrial engineering such as General Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and Applied Statistics, Manufacturing Systems, Logistics, Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Management, and Ergonomics.

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Students pursuing the PhD in Industrial Engineering have the option of entering the program with a B.S. or MS degree. If entering with a B.S., students may earn their MS degree during the program or not at all. For additional information regarding our PhD programs and process, see PhD Degree Information.

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Students pursuing the College of Engineering (COE) interdisciplinary PhD program with the MIE department as their home department must take one of the major written comprehensive exams (exam A) of the MIE doctoral qualifying examinations. The minor exam (exam B) can be substituted with appropriate exam(s) from other department(s) involved with the student’s interdisciplinary PhD program.

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The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and the Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Course work and research are available in such topics as manufacturing information systems and manufacturing control, supply chain, logistics, optimization quality control, haptics and virtual reality, industrial automation, safety and reliability engineering, diagnostics, prognostics, controls and statistical modeling. The department also offers a program leading to degrees in Mechanical Engineering at both the master’s and doctoral levels; consult the appropriate section of the catalog for more information on this program.

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The department offers the master of industrial and systems engineering, a joint program leading to both MISE and MBA degrees, the master of science and the doctor of philosophy. These programs are for students with undergraduate degrees in industrial engineering, other engineering disciplines, mathematics and sciences.

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The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Industrial Engineering is the highest degree offered by the IMSE Department. To be awarded the Ph.D., the student must demonstrate both superior scholarship and the capacity to perform original research. The two basic requirements are that a student: