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M Phil Computer Science Thesis Data Mining

The curriculum for the Machine Learning Ph.D. is built on a foundation of five core courses and one elective (plus the Data Analysis Project requirement). These six courses also comprise the required courses for the MS degree. Together with the Data Analysis Project requirement, these should be completed during the first three years of study.

A typical full-time, graduate course load during the first two years consists each term of two classes (at 12 graduate units per class) plus 24 units of advanced research. Thus, during the first two years, a student has the opportunity to take several elective classes in addition to the six required courses.

The ML curriculum joins courses with a Computer Science main theme and those with a Probability and Statistics main theme. These may be grouped, as follows:

In CS, relevant sub-fields include: Databases, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Algorithms applications in areas such as Robotics, Information Retrieval, and AI.

In Statistics (including Philosophy), the sub-fields include: Statistical Modeling (e.g., hierarchical and times series), Bayes' Nets, Causation, and Experimental Design. The curriculum is based on core academic courses on Intermediate Statistics, Machine Learning, Statistical Machine Learning, Multimedia Databases, and Algorithms.

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The fields listed do not necessarily represent areas of specialization or separate tracks within the PhD program. Rather, they attempt to delineate areas on which the student must be examined in order to measure his or her ability to complete the degree. Therefore, they may be adjusted in the future to reflect changes in the discipline of computer science and in faculty interests within the College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS). Similarly, these fields do not represent the only areas in which a student may write his or her dissertation. They are, however, intended to serve as a basis for performing fundamental research in computer science.

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