Petraeus's qualifications for the post of senior U.S.

"All options are on the table including Nuclear for North Korea" Nat Sec Adviser Gen McMaster, protege of traitor "All In" Gen David Petraeus whose mentor is Henry Kissinger "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars".

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Here are a few dozen quotes from people who consider you and I "Useless Eaters" and "Human Cattle"
Henry not only advises Barack Obama dnd Mitt Romney, he was awarded the Intrepid Air Museum "Peace and Freedom Award" on June 1, 2013 by Gen David Petraeus.

In his thesis, Petraeus examines in detail.[Lt.

Petraeus is the newly appointed senior American commander in Iraq.

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Chris Putnam and Tom Horn (Petrus Romanus) claim "The Roman Pontiff will welcome Christ at his 2nd Coming and hand him the keys to the Kingdom"; read Rev 19:11-19 and you will see nobody survives the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

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Abdul Mutallib is the name of Muhammad's Uncle, the originator of Islam; coincidental eh? Ismailis call the Chaldee Infant "al-Mahdi" (He who rises); in Egypt "Horus" (High flying one); in Babylon "Tammuz" (Purify by Fire); in Chaldea "Marduk" (Son of pure origin) etc. The CIA armed, financed and trained "al-Qaeda" Mercenaries in Benghazi and SMOM John Kerry let all the major players like SMOM Gen Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, Gen Allen and Adm Gaouette (Brennan and Gaouette managed the fake bin Laden raid and burial at sea) avoid testimony; Why?
"al-Qaeda" (Solid Foundation or Saudi "Foreign Toilet"; yup, no kidding!) is a CIA creation, the term coined in "Anno Satanae" (Year One) of the Jubilee Year of Satan in 1966; the Aug 8, 1966 Time Magazine cover "Is God Dead" and John Lennon declaring the Beatles were more popular than Jesus might ring a bell.

David Petraeus Phd Dissertation

The place you spend Eternity depends on it!
Hillary Clinton's protégé Victoria Nuland lied about the al-Qaeda training facility in Benghazi (Cyrenaica was the start of the Synagogue of Libertines aka Synagogue of Satan; notice how Gen David Petraeus (CIA), Hillary, Gen Ham (AFRICOM), Gen Allen (CENTCOM) and Gen Gaouette (Accepted bin Laden's body aboard the USS Carl Vinson "Fed Ex Package") were all excused from testifying?), creating the myth the attack was a spontaneous reaction to the Sheldon Adelson/Mitt Romney (Romney laundered Iran-Contra funds through Bain Capital) produced video Innocence of Muslims Blaming Muslims for 9/11 and Benghazi was conveniently fueled when a Chechen Terrorist got a bomb into a cargo jet (not easy) yet was fooled into believing Istanbul was Sochi; a 1.5hr flight versus at 45 minute flight?

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Traders/Merchants have always controlled the world's "Choke Points" from Petra to the Straits of Gibraltar, Hellespont, Bosphorus Straits and Malaysia's Straits of Malacca; Malaysia is Edomite ie "Fake Jew"; call them Donmeh (Turkomen), Baghdadis, Allumbrados, Marranos or "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes".