then put the period inside the closing parenthesis

Give the reader a break. If, in the context of the story, the antecedent of the pronoun is clear, leave it. The insertion of parentheses in quotes should be the exception rather than the rule.

Numbered or lettered  should use a pair of parentheses to enclose the numbers or letters.

After you have the image processing steps debugged and settled then you canoptimize the code, so that you don't use as many parenthesis steps, as well asfewer , and resulting in less intermediateimages to at the end.

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With the stronger emphasis by IM on image sequences, especially withinparenthesis, it is no surprise that a set of new image operators have beenprovided to manipulate the image lists. The arguments to these operators are numbers indexing the image list,starting with zero ('') for the first image, and one('') for the second image, and so on. However if you give anegative index, the images are referenced from the end (last image added) ofthe image list. That is a index of '' is the last image inthe current image list (generally the last image read or created),'' for the second last and so on.
The "" listoperator is the simplest of the image list operators, it just deletesimages from the current image list.

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Finally, the budget shows a decrease in Miscellaneous spending of 19.8%. This was defined as a group containing several expenses, such as textbooks, school supplies, software updates, and so on (see ). You may be able to reduce your spending in this category if you can use items such as online textbooks. This reduction in spending can free up funds for Clothes, a spend category that has increased by 20%. We will continue to develop the Personal Budget workbook further in .

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The first big change that is noticeable in the worksheet is the Food and Entertainment categories in rows 5 and 6 (see definitions in ). The Percent Change column indicates that there is an 11.1% decrease in Entertainment spending and an 11.1% increase in Food spending. This is logical because if you plan to eat in restaurants less frequently, you will be eating at home more frequently. Although this makes sense in theory, it may be hard to do in practice. Dinners and parties with friends may be tough to turn down. However, the entire process of maintaining a budget is based on discipline, and it certainly takes a significant amount of discipline to plan targets for yourself and stick to them.

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Also as all the images are in memory as a single image list, you will needto be careful on how you process those images. For example you can notdirectly use as younormally would, but may need to use the specialised to do thejob.

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However, most image meta-data will not be available. For example, image labelsfrom a PNG image file. For example, here I create a image with a 'label', andattempt to use a simple format setting to print out that label.

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Now that the Budget Detail worksheet is sorted, a few key trends can be easily identified. The worksheet clearly shows that the top three categories as a percentage of total budgeted spending for the year are Taxes, Household Utilities, and Food. All three categories are necessities (or realities) of life and typically require a significant amount of income for most households. Looking at the Percent Change column, we can see how our planned spending is expected to change from last year. This is perhaps the most import column on the worksheet because it allows you to assess whether your plan is realistic. You will see that there are no changes planned for Taxes and Household Utilities. While Taxes can change from year to year, it is not too difficult to predict what they will be. In this case, we are assuming that there are no changes to the tax costs for our budget. We are also planning no change in Household Utilities. These costs can fluctuate from year to year as well. However, you can take measures to reduce costs, such as using less electricity, turning off heat when no one is in the house, keeping track of your wireless minutes so you do not go over the maximum allowed in your plan, and so on. As a result, there is no change in planned spending for Household Utilities because we will assume that any rate increases will be offset with a decrease in usage. The third item that is planned not to change is Insurance. Insurance policies for cars and homes can change, but as is true for taxes, the changes are predictable. Therefore, we are assuming no changes in our insurance policy.