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Several concentration areas are offered to meet the career goals of students. Students may prepare as a clinical nurse leader or for advanced nursing practice in one of nine nurse practitioner roles or the clinical nurse specialist role. Available NP include Family Nursing, Dual Role (Family NP/Adult-Gerontological Acute Care NP), Psychiatric Family Nursing, Pediatric Acute Care Nursing, Pediatric Primary Care Nursing, Women's Health Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, Adult-Gerontological Primary Care Nursing, and Adult-Gerontological Acute Care Nursing. Clinical Nurse Specialist is available in Adult-Gerontological Nursing. Concentrations are also available for students pursuing careers in Executive Nursing Administration and Nursing Informatics. Sub-specializations are available in Cardiovascular, Oncology, Palliative Care, Nursing Education, and Clinical Lipidology.

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Specialty tracks within the College of Nursing’s graduate program require a practice component. Although faculty assists students in locating appropriate practice/clinical sites, it is the student’s responsibility to secure a site and preceptor if indicated. Students who are unsuccessful in being accepted by an agency in their home community may have to travel to another area to complete practice requirements. Please review the list of on the College of Nursing Web Site. If there is not a clinical site listed near you or you are interested in a site not listed, negotiations should be initiated as soon as you begin the program through the Track Coordinator for your specialty.

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Due to their patient’s chronic diagnoses and the acuity of their conditions, pediatric oncology nurses work in an environment of increased stress.

The DNP curriculum consists of 36 credits for the student holding a Master of Science in Nursing degree with preparation in an area of advanced practice nursing. Students who graduated with an MSN from the University of South Alabama College of Nursing and completed the following courses NU 607, NU 608, NU 610, and NU 613 during the MSN coursework may complete the DNP program with an additional 24 credits if the previous coursework is within the seven year limit. The MSN to DNP program can be completed in three semesters of full-time study. Full-time study is defined as six or more credits per semester. Permission to take more than 12 credits per semester must be obtained from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Part-time study is also available.

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In accordance with University policy, students may not use the Grade Replacement Policy to replace professional nursing courses. A grade of "C" or higher is required for all professional nursing courses. A student may repeat only one professional nursing course in the curriculum. A second "D," "F," or "U" will result in academic dismissal from the nursing program. The number of times a student may withdraw failing is limited to two. A third withdrawal failing will result in academic dismissal from the College of Nursing. A student achieving a grade of less than "C" in a course in combination with two withdrawal failings from the College of Nursing will also be dismissed. Successful completion of a dosage calculation exam is required each term prior to promotion in clinical courses. All students are required to take a midcurricular exam. Students who do not successfully pass this exam are required to complete a 3-hour directed study, prior to progressing in the curriculum. Students are also required to complete an exit exam as part of course requirements. If the student is unsuccessful on the exit exam, a grade of "u" will be given for the course and student must retake the course the next term. (Registered nursing students are exempt from the dosage calculation, midcurricular and exit examinations.) A minimum GPA of 2.0 at the University of South Alabama is required to continue in the program and for graduation. Failure to comply with legal, moral, and legislative standards required for licensure to practice as a registered nurse merits immediate dismissal from the program.

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Students will progress in nursing courses according to the established sequence. The College will recommend for promotion only those students who, in the judgment of the faculty, satisfy the requirements of health, conduct, scholastic achievement, and aptitude for nursing. Students continually in adjustment difficulties may be dismissed from the nursing program.