Thesis: Reconfigurable Beam-Steering Microstrip Patch Antenna.

The newmeasurement method presented in the paperconsists in two high directivity antennae, tuned tothe establish operation frequency, one fortransmission and one for receiving signal, thematerial sample placed between them and a dataacquisition system.

Key words: Electromagnetic shielding, Engineeringeducation, Environment, Nanomaterials, PSpicemodel

[1] Al-Shabib W., Lachowicz, S.

The antenna designed consists of two square patches in a stack configuration.

The compact size and ultra wideband performance of this antenna make it advantageous for highspeed wireless communication systems and avionics.

Index Terms: E shaped patch antennas, low profile antennas,HFSS 13(High Frequency Simulation Software),widebandantennas


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Thesis: Investigation into the Relationship between Width and Efficiency of Patch Antennas.

(5) Lastly, the Theory of Characteristic Modes (TCM) is used to characterize the resonant behavior of different microstrip patch shapes, substrates and excitation feeds to realize a microstrip patch antenna design with optimum broadband behavior.

The aperture-coupled microstrip patch antenna is presented

The antenna is fed by waveguide feeding connected to the radiating patch at the longer side Radiation properties of the proposed including far-field patterns, axialratio, directivity, input impedance and voltage standing waveratio (VSWR), are studied simulating through HFSS (High Frequency Simulation Software).Simulation results are in good agreement, nearly equal E- and H-plane far-field patterns withhigh degree of axial symmetry over a bandwidth of more than 50%.

Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for the NPSAT1

The radiating element of this antenna consists of an E-shaped patch that assumes a conformal orientation relative to the cylindrical surface in order to yield maximum bandwidth.

Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for the ..

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Planar Atenna for Intehrate Front End Thesis.A Tapered Single-Conductor Strip Leaky-wave Antenna with · PDF fileIn this paper, the concept of tapering the leaky wave leaky wave antenna without complicate feeding structures.