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When parenthetical content occurs in the middle of a larger sentence, the surrounding punctuation should be placed outside the parentheses, exactly as it would be if the parenthetical content were not there.

 If the command will fit on a single line, then the parenthesis can be omitted e.g.

In reverse, an acronym or abbreviation can be provided in parentheses upon its first use, and then used in place of the full term in the remainder of the document.

Time stops — a typical phenomenon associated to the parenthesis.

In some writing, a person’s are provided in parentheses when the person is first mentioned. If there is uncertainty about the year, a question mark should follow it. Note that an , rather than hyphen, is used between the years.

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Note 1: Observe how the parenthesis brackets enclose the compulsory statement, or control element ($objItem in $colItems), which starts the foreach loop.

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We use the comma to set off parenthetical elements.
Ex.) The hawk flew over the barn, which was burning, to get a fish.

You can take the parenthetical elements out of the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

A parenthesis is one of the marks usually called ..

Another way of looking at parenthesis is they resolve problems of ambiguity; if PowerShell cannot decide which order to process components, clarify your instructions with parentheses.

inside parentheses to highlight something

The C shell has a special mechanism for specifying arrays, using parenthesis:Therefore the following two statements are equivalent:The parenthesis is preferred for several reasons.

A bracket is a tall punctuation mark typically used in matched ..

Let us take a foreach loop as an example. The (input definition) is the most important element; it comes first and is enclosed by parenthesis. Observe that the style of bracket, comes second and inside these braces is a {Statement Block}, which dictates the code to execute.

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You can capture this by redirecting standard output:If the program might generate an error, you can capture thisby using the special combination">&." This merges standard error with standard output:This type of conditional operation can be enclosed in parenthesisto keep standard input flowing through the different programs.

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When a PowerShell construction requires multiple sets of brackets, the parenthesis (style) usually comes first. Parenthesis brackets also come first in importance because these (curved) brackets are used for what Guy calls compulsory arguments. Experts call these control structures.