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Auden gives as an instance of epigram the definition of fox hunting as 'the pursuit of the uneatable by the unspeakable.') William Blake's aphorism 'eternity is in love with the productions of time' conveys a contemplative depth that epigrams tend to avoid in their wish to deliver a stinging conclusion."
(David Mikics, A New Handbook of Literary Terms.

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In a state, however, of anxious suspense, the moments would seem to move slowly; and to see the exact force of this, we are to reflect on the scenes represented - the successive opening of seals disclosing most important events - increasing in interest as each new one was opened; the course of events which seemed to be leading to the consummation of all things, arrested after the opening of the sixth seal; and now the last in the series to be opened, disclosing what the affairs of the world would be at the consummation of all things.John looks on this; and in this state of suspense the half hour may have seemed an age.

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But if (as we have indicated above) the silence is typical of the eternal rest of heaven, how can it be short?
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You don’t need to attend Church, or Sunday School. The Bible says God is with you whenever two or more are gathered in his name. You can have your own Bible study with a friend. I personally feel most Churches are corrupt. So be alert if you attend Church. If you study the Bible you wilm know if ypur Church is a false prophet. Pray to God for guidance about how to speak to your brother and parents about their salvation. You sound like yoy have a sincere heart and I believe God is walking with you.

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Goldsmith was born in New York City on March 10, 1892

The hippies have been saying love peace and mungbeans for years. Has it brought world peace? No! The only true peace is to be found through faith in Jesus Christ! You say its a superstisious book. Have you actually read it? A great majority of the biblical prophecies have come to pass exactly as they’ve been foretold. And many more are happening before our very eyes right now. I challenge you to read Matthew 24 then read the newspapers or watch the news. A person would have to be blind NOT to see that the bible is indeed coming to pass and those who rwject Jesus Christ as Lord andSaviour will be doomed for eternity! ” For God so loved the world that whoever believes Iin Him shall not perish but have everlasting life!” (John 3:16) Jesus I Lord!!

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Out of all religion in the world the JEWS hold the key to eternity. The BIBLE is the most scriptural of all and if you read it it is historical and the word of GOD through Godly men (prophets). FYI I was lost and wasted much of my life on drugs gambling sports and anything to rid some inside pains from childhood probs, but I challenge those of you that dont think you need Christ to seek where truth will be revealed. We are all sinners and the only way out is through CHRIST!