C4 photosynthesis in smooth pigweed.

The tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois), is a potentially serious pest of amaranth, feeding on grain amaranth and causing developing seed to shrivel and discolor.

No.: S604.5.E58 Amaranth (pigweed): a crop to help solve the world protein shortage.
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Report prepared by the Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Team (OBPRT), Parks & Wildlife Service, Tasmania for the Department of Environment & Heritage, Australia. Palmer J (2009) A conspectus of the genus (Amaranthaceae) in Australia.


(2011) Strategies for engineering a two-celled C4photosynthetic pathway into rice.
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"A systematic survey of c3 and c4 photosynthesis in the cyperaceae of kenya, east africa." Photosynthetica 16(2): 196-205.
Hesseln, H.