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. A relatively small group of azo pigments, among the oldest synthetic organic pigments, providing primarily red (toluidine red PR3, PR49, PR53, PR68) and a few orange (dinitraline orange PO5, PO17, PO46) hues. First produced around 1870, only a few of these pigments are still used today, and primarily for inexpensive applications because the pigments are cheap to manufacture and only moderately lightfast. (The 16 BON arylide pigments, with few exceptions all middle red to bluish red hues, are also acceptably lightfast when laked to manganese salts.) Most beta naphthols not sufficiently lightfast for use in watercolor paints and are now found only in student paints ( stopped using them in their "professional" paints in 2006).

as dry:≥175.5℃Purity:99%purposes :Mainly used for manufacturing organic pigments

. A small but very important group of new synthetic organic pigments, discovered in the early 1980's and systematically developed into pigments with very good lightfastness. About six are currently offered, in the shades orange (, ), scarlet (), red () and carmine (, PR274). Pyrroles have also been crystallized with quinacridones to produce hybrid pigments ().

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Permanent pigments are made of these elements, either organic, inorganic or synthetic.

Formalin is a fungicide and prevents mold.HYDRATION- To lose water as hydrated oxides do when exposed to heat.HYDROUS- Containing water as in hydrates or hydroxides.HYGROSCOPIC- means to absorb water from the air, like calcium chloride, alcohol, clay and lye.INERT- Inert has no action to effect changes to itself.INORGANIC- Minerals and ores are inorganic and inert.MASS TONE- The color perceived by laying down a thick coat of pigment.ORGANIC- Plants and animals are organic.

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The authoritative source on synthetic organic pigments is Industrial organic pigments by Willy Herbst and Klaus Hunger (Wiley, 1997), billed as "everything there is to know about organic pigments." A summary of the same information (by the same authors) is available in Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (Wiley, 2000), available at any good chemistry library. (Phthalocyanine pigments are treated in a separate chapter; Ullmann's also has a chapter on "Artists' Colors.") Historical pigment information for natural organic pigments is scattered across several sources. An excellent starting point is the four volume Artists' Pigments: A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics edited by Robert Feller (v.1), Roy Ashok (v.2), Elisabeth West Fitzhugh (v.3) and Barbara Berrie (v.4) (Oxford University Press, 1994-2001). You may also want to check out this interesting web site on .

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In addition to these important families of synthetic organic pigments there are several unique pigments in almost every color category. Most are not used in watercolor paints because they lack permanency, are costly, or do not perform better than a more common alternative pigment. However, the creative pace of modern industrial organic chemistry is unrelenting, so we're likely to see more of these new compounds in paint lines of the future.