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New performance metrics are introduced to evaluate the efficiency of AQM regarding the satisfaction level of individual members as well as the success rate of sessions. The simulations are based on realistic membership dynamics and mobility patterns. They are conducted using the OPNET Modeler, which is a verified and widely accepted network simulator with many ad hoc networking capabilities. Simulation results show that, by applying novel QoS management techniques, AQM significantly improves multicast efficiency for members as well as sessions.

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The purpose of this work is to design a service differentiation component for AQM. The protocol in its final form will differentiate between QoS and best-effort traffic coexisting in the network, and apply intelligent queuing and scheduling strategies to meet the QoS requirements of both real-time multimedia as well as bursty data flows. Performance metrics such as throughput, delay, packet delivery rate, overhead and multicast efficiency will be measured. It is strongly recommended by IETF MANET that these performance metrics should be considered in the experiments during the evaluation of the proposed schemes. Simulations will be based on realistic network dynamics and mobility patterns. The simulations will be conducted on the OPNET Modeler, which is a verified and widely accepted network simulator with many ad hoc networking capabilities, in order to evaluate the performance of the final QoS multicast routing protocol.

Development of laboratory exercises based on OPNET Modeler

Opnet based thesis?

OPNET Thesis is based on a mechanism called discrete event system which means that the system behavior can simulate by modeling the events in the system in the order of the scenarios the user has set up. Hierarchical structure is used to organize the networks. As other network simulators, Opnet projects also provides programming tools for users to define the packet format of the protocol. As of all, Opnet projects is a popular simulator used in industry for network research and development. The GUI interface and the programming tools are also useful to help the user to build the system they want.