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Loquendo is an online text to wav conversion utility which allows to make and listen to your own synthetic speech, it supports tens of languages and voice types.

Readthewords is an online text to speech reader that supports various of voices.

The current ambition in speech synthesis research is to model natural speech at a global level, allowing for changes of speaker characteristics and speaking style. One obvious reason is the limited success in enhancing the general speech quality by only improving the segmental models. The speaker-specific aspects are regarded as playing a very important role in the acceptability of synthetic speech. This is especially true when the systems are used to signal semantic and pragmatic knowledge.

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Balabolka is a free text-to-speech engine that boasts quality and flexibility worthy of a paid app.

New parameters have been added to the terminal analog model so that it is now possible to simulate most human voices and to replicate an utterance without noticeable quality reduction. However, it is interesting to note that some voices are easier to model than others. Despite the progress, speech quality is not natural enough in all applications of text to speech. The main reasons for the limited success in formant-based synthesis can be explained by incomplete phonetic knowledge. It should be noted that the transfer of knowledge from phonetics to speech technology has not been an easy process. Another reason is that the efforts using formant synthesis have not explored control methods other than the explicit rule-based description.

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I uploaded a text file which contains 321 words( or 1656 characters ) to Online-Convert, it finished the conversion shortly, the final mp3 file contains all the sentences I provided.

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Text to Voice is the best TTS plugin for FireFox, it gives you the ability to convert text in Firefox to speech, select some text and click the icon on add-on bar, this plugin will speak the selected text for you immediately, you can download the speech as audio file in mp3 format if you like.

Whispered uses only noise for the voice synthesis…

SpeakIt is an extension for Chrome browser which enables you to generate speech from selected text, it supports 3 TTS engines: iSpeech, native and SpeakIt, in addition, users can customize the volume level, speaking rate( 1 to 150 words/minute ), and voice type( US English Female, US English Male, European French Female, etc. )

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Bing Translator is an alternative to Google Translate, it could speak the translated text for you, you can set the source language type equal to the target language type to let it not to translate your text.

Text-to-Speech / Speech Synthesis

NaturalReader is available on Windows and Mac, its online demo can read any text with natural sounding voices, and you are allowed to change voice or adjust speed.

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The Text-to-Speech demo of AT&T Natural Voices allows to speak US English, UK English, IN English, Spanish, German, French and Italian online for free, the audio can be downloaded as wav format.