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is the only PDF viewer that we can truly recommend, since it supports all the features that Docear requires. . It needs two settings to be changed to enable Docear to import highlighted text. Usually Docear automatically changes this setting. However, if Docear does not import highlighted text you created with PDF-XChange Viewer, enable these settings in the preferences of PDF-XChange Viewer.

There are some more notes in the documentation about using these make files.

Second reason for putting extra emphasis on safety and usability is the wayI and, I suspect, most other users actually use . Most completedprograms are used only a few times. Some result is required for a client, paperor thesis. The program is developed and tested, the result is obtained, and theprogram archived. Of course bits of the program will be recycled for the nextproject. But it may be less usual for the same program to be run over and overagain. So the cost, computer time + people time, is in the development time andoften, much less in the actual time to run the final program. So good use ofpeople time, especially during development is really important. This means youneed highly usable libraries.

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Docear will ask you which PDF editor you want to use with Docear. To enjoy Docear’s full potential . Otherwise you won’t be able to open annotations directly on the correct page or you won’t be able to import annotations. We highly recommend because it’s the only (free) PDF editor that fully supports all the features that Docear needs. However, . For a full overview of supported PDF viewers, .

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Finally, a little bit of terminology: You will be working with mind maps. Mind maps consists of ‘nodes’, and each node may contain text, images, formulas, etc. In the picture below, elements A, B, C, and D are all nodes (and all the other elements you see, are nodes as well). A is the root node of the mind map. B is a child node of A, and C is a child node of B. In other words: B is parent of C, and A is parent of B. Nodes C and D are siblings. When PDFs or annotations are imported to Docear, they are represented as nodes, too. These nodes differ from the “normal” nodes only in having an additional link to your PDF or annotation.

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When PDFs contain lots of information, and you create lots of comments, or highlight many text passages, you get easily lost when trying to find a certain annotation (screenshot, left). Therefore, Docear allows to create categories within PDF files. Select a PDF, insert additional child nodes for your sub-categories (e.g. “Results”, “Methodology”, …), and sort the annotations into these categories. This improves the structure of your PDFs and annotations significantly.

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In that mind map, you create new nodes for each chapter, paragraph and sentence. You are not restricted to only draft your paper in that mind map. Feel free to create additional nodes for to-do items, or to maintain a list of journals or conferences to publish the paper (see screenshot).