Syringe method for stepwise chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides.

As is true for all RNA work, equipmentand reagents that will contact unprotected oligonucleotides should be RNasefree () to avoid degradation ofthe synthesized material.

* = The yield guarantee is calculated for unmodified oligonucleotides (20mers).

Mr Jean Blehaut, President of Novasep Process Pharma Business Unit added, "The Chromatide team has many years experience in peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis and has excellent contacts with key thought leaders in this field and Novasep is the recognised leader of large scale chromatography for the life-sciences industries. Peptide manufacturers lack a cost efficient, automated solid phase synthesis technology, fully scalable from g to ton. We believe that these innovative systems combined with our chromatography and membrane technology portfolio will allow us to provide a unique, global process solution for peptides but also for oligonucleotides manufacturers".

Fast cleavage and deprotection of oligonucleotides. 35:4311-4314.

The interest of this partnership is to combine Chromatide's experience in solid phase synthesis of peptide and oligonucleotides, including the production of novel resins and instrumentation, to Novasep' s expertise in synthesis and purification services and technologies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to provide them with efficient solutions to obtain pure peptides and oligonucleotides.

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A functional understanding of the synthesischemistries coupled to insights on the mechanical operation of the synthesizerwill allow the user to minimize input time and maximize oligonucleotideoutput.

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Microsynth offers a wide variety of modifications (5’, 3’ and internal) for DNA oligonucleotides. To give you a better overview, they have been categorized as:

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The table also shows that the longer an oligo, the lower the yield of full length product that can be expected, due to limitations set by chemistry. Assuming a coupling efficiency of 99% for every single base addition (industry standard is 98.5 % in average), the raw product of a 95-mer synthesis would consist of only 38.5 % full length oligonucleotide. Separating full length and failure sequences from each other by purification results in additional loss, so that low yields are a normal matter of fact.

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By using a supportmatrix such as control pore glass (CPG) with a loading capacity of lessthan 40 mmol/g, yields of long oligonucleotide may be greatly increased;furthermore, the pore size of the support should be 1000 angstrom for >100-mersand 2000 angstrom for 200-mers (Gait, 1986) to alleviate molecular crowdingand steric effects.

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Chromatide and Novasep have extended their partnership to develop large scale solid phase peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis technology. The resulting systems and equipment will meet the growing needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for more efficient, continuous flow instruments for gram to industrial scale production of high quality products.

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Note that metabion regularly exceeds 99 % of coupling efficiency, reaching a coupling efficiency of up to 99,7%, even for long unmodified oligonucleotides.