(oil of wintergreen).4 Part 2: Synthesis of Methyl Salicylate.

(Rosmarinus Officinalis)
A sharp fresh green fragrance, originally from France, Spain and Portugal, this aromatic shrubby perennial bush has silver green leaves sky blue flowers, the oil is steam distilled from the flowers. A great oil for stimulating and clearing the mind, a reviving and refreshing oil. Excellent for tired and tight muscles, great for massage, to relieve muscle aches and pains and stimulating the Lymphatic system. A tonic for the hair especially to clear dandruff and said to encourage hair growth. Burns well to prevent infection and aids mediation to help clear the mind. Both purifying it can also be a great protector. Not to be used by those suffering with Epilepsy and not to be used throughout pregnancy.

Add 2 drops of concentrated.Synthesis of Salicylic Acid from Wintergreen Oil By: Matthew Rook.

Aspirin is usually used as a pain reliever or fever reducer, and oil of wintergreen is used in rubbing liniments for sore muscles and as a flavoring agent.

Preparation of Oil of Wintergreen1.

Hermitage Oils wintergreen essential oil is 100% pure and has not been altered.”

Often these organic molecules contain.
It is the two-step synthesis of aspirin starting from oil of to distinguish among oil of wintergreen of Aspirin: A General Chemistry Experiment.
Synthesis of Oil of Wintergreen and Asprin Synthesis of Aspirin Lab - Duration: Making Wintergreen Oil From Aspirin Tablets - Duration:.

CHEM110 Lab - Synthesis of Aspiring and Oil of Wintergreen

Care was taken to avoid chemical burn by placing the tubes facing away from us.
After heating for 3 minutes, we added 15 drops of water to complete the reaction


Salicyclic Acid and Methyl Alcohol Oil of wintergreen
Anthranilic Acid and Methyl Alcohol Grape
Acetic Acid and n-Propyl Alcohol Pear
Acetic Acid and Isoamyl Alcohol Banana
Acetic Acid and Octyl Alcohol Orange

The Oil of wintergreen was a very recognizable odor, as was the banana odor.

Week #11: Synthesis of Aspirin and Oil of Wintergreen

“Preparation of Oil of Wintergreen from
Commercial Aspirin Tablets – A Microscale Experiment Highlighting Acyl Substitutions.” Journal of Chemical Education.

Synthesis of Oil of Wintergreen

Essential oils are also effectively used at home in different ways, both for their medicinal and cosmetic qualities. They are used as perfumes for potpourris, sometimes added to beauty preparations, or used in simple baths. They are known to be good for the scalp and skin care, and some oils even have a healing effect on the body. Essential oils can be even used in minor first aid treatment or to help relieve colds, headaches, aching muscles or period pains.

Wintergreen Oil, Synthetic | Spectrum Chemical

2 reactions carried out:
H2SO4 – catalyzed
H3PO4 – catalyzed (less strong, less potentially harmful)
Micro-scale reaction – less waste
Extraction with diethyl ether (instead of methylene chloride) – less toxic Reflux-condensation setup: synthesis of wintergreen oil Salicylic acid, methanol, sulfuric/phosphoric acid
Stirred in hot water bath, while cooling steam with water current, for 60 minutes
Removed from heat, cooled to ambient temperature Liquid-Liquid extraction: Diethyl ether and DI water added to reaction mixture, organic layer (bottom) extracted
Organic layer washed 3x with sodium bicarbonate (vented to release CO2 gas), extracted after last wash, and solvent (ether) boiled off
NMR spectra analyses performed on remaining product (1) (2) Hartel, A.M.; Hanna, J.M.