The symbol H 0 is used to indicate the null hypothesis

The decision is based on the null hypothesis.
In inferential statistics, the term "null hypothesis" usually refers to a general statement or default position that there is no relationship between two measured.
Bewildering Things Statisticians Say: "Failure to Reject the Null Hypothesis" He's always telling war stories about how he "failed to reject the null hypothesis.".
Tests of Hypotheses: Means If we formulate the null hypothesis that the dice are crooked, We use the symbol H0 to represent the null hypothesis.
The hypothesis contrary to the null hypothesis, usually that the observations are the result of a real effect, is known as the alternative hypothesis.

The sample mean now becomes our random variable, which we call our

Some statistical tests, such as testing equality of the means by the t-test and ANOVA, assume that the data come from populations that have the same variance, even if the test rejects the null hypothesis of equality of population means.

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Under the null hypothesis, the statistic:   has a Chi-square distribution with d.f.

If the test statistic falls in the rejection region--that is, if the statistic is a value that is in the rejection region--the null hypothesis is rejected.

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We now compute the expected frequencies using the sample size and the proportions specified in the null hypothesis. We then substitute the sample data (observed frequencies) into the formula for the test statistic identified in Step 2. We organize the computations in the following table.

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Under the null hypothesis and normality condition, the test statistic is: where: and n= sample size associated with r, and n =sample size associated with r.

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If the value you get from calculating the Chi-square statistic is sufficiently high (as compared to the values in the Chi-square table), it tells you that your null hypothesis is probably wrong.

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Following the above process for this test, the K-S statistic is 0.421 with the p-value of 0.0009, indicating a strong evidence against the null hypothesis.

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The p-value is equal to 0.062, indicating that there is moderate evidence against the null hypothesis that the three populations are statistically identical.

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You might like to use for your computations, and then to interpret the results in managerial (not technical) terms.You might need to use JavaScript at the design stage of your statistical investigation in decision making with specific subjective requirements. In testing the equality of several means, often the raw data are not available.