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The Special Education graduate programs, with Master's and endorsement-only options, equips students to meet the challenges of being a special educator by building skills to assist both at-risk students and those with identified disabilities. Graduate of this program work as specialists, teachers, consultants and resource teachers who help classroom teachers adapt content and conditions to better meet the educational needs of students with special needs.

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Students who have Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate diplomas or students enrolled at universities other than Sabancı University can apply to the courses offered by Sabancı University to participate as special students. The candidates apply for special student status should firstly meet the requirements determined by the relevant Faculty/Graduate School for the level of English.

Additional Courses Needed to Complete the Master's Degree:

The topic selected for the thesis must be approved by the student’s major professor and advisory committee. The student conducts the research and prepares the thesis under the direction of the major professor. The course, Research and Thesis, is number 7990 in all departments. The student must register for a minimum of four credit hours of this course but may register for as many hours as desired. No more than six hours may be counted toward meeting degree requirements. The student may register for one or more hours at a time. No grade is assigned for this course.

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To complete a Masters degree in Special Educaiton (M.S.E), students must have a total of 30 credit hours. Within these 30 credit hours a majority of the hours must be taken in Special Education. In addition, students must also enroll in 3 credit hours of Masters Project or Masters Thesis and 3 credit hours of EPSY 715.

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The Secondary Transition Education Specialist Graduate Certificate provides students with a comprehensive set of skills that integrates the theory and practice of transition education. A total of 18 hours is required for the certificate, EDSP 5093, 5193, 5293, 5393; S WK 5293, S WK 5170 (3 hours); and the prerequisite course: EDSP 5413.

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Required as a condition of employment for graduate teaching and instructional assistants in their initial semester of employment. The course provides regular in-service and planned periodic evaluations of instructional responsibilities. Thiscourse does not earn graduate degree credit. Repeatable with different emphasis.

Public Law Thesis / Non-Thesis Master Program

The assignment is essentially a long research paper with your original analysis of educational studies conducted by others. You will incorporate information from courses you have learned throughout the course of the program to show that you have grasped the content and can apply it. For example, if you were writing your paper for a Master’s degree in Education, you might focus on the affect technology has on learning or effective teaching methods for students with ADHD.

Public Law Thesis / Non-Thesis Master Program; ..

This course focuses on the presentation and critical analysis of the role of theory in health education, the description of different theories being utilized in health education research and interventions, and the application of these theories to interventions and research.