MS200 Nimble Gen Microarray Scanner by Mallory ..

About NimbleGen Systems, Inc.
NimbleGen Systems, the leading supplier of flexible high-density microarray products and services, is enabling a new era of High-Definition Genomics. NimbleGen uniquely produces high-density arrays of isothermal long oligos that provide superior results for advanced genomic analysis methods such as CGH, ChIP, microbial Comparative Genome Sequencing, and expression tiling. NimbleGen's High-Definition Genomics enables scientists to obtain and integrate complex genomic data sets not previously accessible, providing a much clearer understanding of genome structure and function, and how this relates to biology and medicine. This improved performance is made possible by NimbleGen's Maskless Array Synthesis (MAS) technology, which uses digital light processing and rapid, high-yield photochemistry to synthesize high-density DNA microarrays.

This improved performance is made possible by NimbleGen's Maskless Array Synthesis ..

- NimbleGen Gene Expression microarrays gives easy, cost-effective analysis of eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes by use of long oligonucleotides probes and high probe density.

MS200 Nimble Gen Microarray Scanner

Two colour scanning at 2 micron resolution of a NimbleGen 2.1M microarray, taking less than 30 minutes.

Roche NimbleGen builds its arrays using photo-mediated synthesis chemistry with its MAS system.

At the heart of the system is a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD).

Patents Assigned to Roche NimbleGen, Inc

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Roche NimbleGen Inc., a fully integrated part of Roche Applied Science, today have published details of a highly efficient and cost-effective method for capturing targeted regions of the genome via NimbleChip™ microarrays in preparation for high-throughput 454 Sequencing™. The technology, called "sequence capture," enables fast and accurate enrichment of thousands of selected genomic regions, either contiguous or dispersed, such as segments of chromosomes or all genes or exons. The study, entitled "Direct Selection of Human Genomic Loci by Microarray Hybridization," appears online (ahead of print) in the journal Nature Methods1.

lead to the foundation of NimbleGen in 1999

In light of the success of the current sequence capture technology, Baylor's Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) has signed on as an early access customer to Roche NimbleGen's sequence capture technology. As presented on October 10, 2007, at the J. Craig Venter Institute's Genomes, Medicine, and the Environment (GME) conference, Roche NimbleGen and 454 Life Sciences, working with Dr. Richard Gibbs, professor and Director of the HGSC, will create a whole-genome human exome (all exons) microarray, with the goal of resequencing the entire human exome.

Biotechnology: array [MAS technology] synthesis

Working with colleagues in the UK and US, the researchers screened 290 children with mental retardation and identified several abnormal genetic events. The researchers were able to pinpoint the region of the specific deletion using NimbleGen's high-resolution CGH microarrays. "The ability of NimbleGen to rapidly generate custom-designed, high-density oligo arrays targeted to the specific chromosomal regions we were interested in provided us the key data in our study," stated Dr. Andrew Sharp, Senior Fellow and Rosetta Fellow of the University of Washington and first author on the paper. "Having these tools in hand gave us, in a single experiment, what would otherwise have taken months of work using conventional methods, and allowed unprecedented insight into the underlying biology and mechanism of genomic disease."

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Our maskless array synthesis technology uses digital light processing and rapid, high-yield photochemistry to synthesize long oligo, high-density DNA microarrays with extreme flexibility.