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Titles often confuse students and you'll discover that you'll ask what the associative property is, only to be returned with a blank look. However, if you say to a child something like "If I change the numbers in my addition sentence, does it matter? In other words, can I say 5 + 3 and 3 + 5, will the child that understands say yes because it's the same? When you ask if you can do this with subtraction, they'll laugh or tell you that you can't do that. So in essence, a child knows about the associative property which is really all that matters even though you may stump them when you ask for a definition of the associative property. Do I care that the definition escapes them? Not at all, if they indeed know the concept. Let's not trip our students up with labels and when concept understanding is the key ingredient in math.

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If you use the vertical format,the fraction bar acts like parentheses. The Order ofOperationsCombinewhat’s inside parentheses.Exponentsand rootsMultiplicationsand divisionsAdditionsand subtractions. Rules forParentheses0+ - Rulesfor Exponents Definition=

Single Digit Multiplication with Parenthesis

Practice decomposing the factors in multiplication problems and see how it affects the product.

A friend of mine (who is better at math) said theres no such thing as 'implicit multiplication', only shorthand so that is in fact done after the division (going left to right, not necessarily because division occurs before multiplication.