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The faculty of the Woodruff School strives to continuously improve our undergraduate programs in mechanical engineering. The educational objectives reflect the needs, and have been reviewed by, among others, the Advisory Board of the Woodruff School, the faculty, and the students.

An overview of requirements and deadlines for non-thesis MS degrees is available

Students whose research requires work beyond the semesters in which they are registered for MS thesis must register for continuation. A student must be enrolled at Tufts for every semester during the academic year until graduation; otherwise he/she will be administratively withdrawn from the University. A per semester continuation fee is assessed to students who require additional time over the expected completion period - two years for full-time masters programs. Tuition scholarship CANNOT be applied to this fee. An exception to this rule is when a student is granted a leave of absence. International students must have full-time status at all times. International students cannot take a leave of absence and remain in the United States.

Marching Only Policy at Commencement: Engineering students are allowed to march at Commencement if they have only one lecture course credit remaining to fulfill all degree requirements. All thesis and project requirements must be completed and approved in order to be allowed to march in Commencement.

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Introduction to geometrical optics, light sources, detectors, and fiber optics with an emphasis on engineering aspects and medical applications. Fiber-optic delivery systems for medical applications, optics of the eye and visual instruments, and optical instruments used in medicine (microscopes, endoscopes, ophthalmic instruments) are discussed. Hands-on sessions in the laboratory are included.
Prerequisite: . And . And .
Components: LEC.
Grading: GRD.

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The remaining courses should be selected by students in consultation with their advisor(s). These elective courses should be relevant to thesis work, and must be at the graduate level (100 or above). For students that did not take the Design Core, the Department recommends a design course as part of the program of study.

These courses need not be taken in mechanical engineering. With advisor approval, students may take their focus coursework at the graduate level in other engineering departments, in computer science, in the physical sciences, or in mathematics. However, taking courses outside of engineering and the sciences are exceptions in this program requiring departmental approval prior to registration; otherwise such courses will not be counted towards the degree requirements.

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The Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering has established concentration areas in sub-fields of Mechanical Engineering. Concentrations are optional for the students; they are not required. The Concentrations are each fifteen hours of classes, and will satisfy the Design Elective, the ME Elective and nine hours of Free Electives. The current Concentrations are:

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Mechanical Engineering majors may choose to participate in the Georgia Tech International Plan. Students who complete the requirements of the International Plan have the degree designation noted on their transcripts and on their diploma. The International Plan has specific requirements which must be completed including:

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The School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) offers a challenging graduate program that encompasses advanced study and research leading to the degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering.