Phd Thesis On Condition Monitoring Of Induction Motor

This is the modern method of starting that reduces the mechanical and electrical stresses caused in the DOL and star delta starters. This limits the starting current to the induction motor by using thyristors.

please help me in project thesis about induction motor protection system?

Similarly, when the temperature of the motor exceeds certain limit, the the appropriate relay; even then also the main relay gets turned off. In this way, the single phasing faults and over-temperature conditions can be overcome in the induction motor.

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This paper presents a comparison of locating the cortical hand motorrepresentation area using MEG and TMS. The results from the localisationare projected on to MRI slices. The results agree to within 10 mm, suggestingthat TMS can be used in locating the motor cortex.

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In computer-assisted TMS, information from brain imaging techniquescan be used in planning the stimulation parameters as well as in the displayand interpretation of the results. In particular, digitisation of the coilposition on the MRI provides anatomical information of the stimulated location[83,102], which enables stereotactic TMS, that is, precise stimulationof selected anatomical locations. Stereotaxy allows selection of the stimulationintensity level on the basis of calculating the actually induced electricfield in the target area instead of defining it as a percentage of themaximum stimulator output or motor threshold. Frameless stereotaxy systemand stimulus targeting software have been realised in the BioMag Laboratory.

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Computer-assisted stereotactic TMS is under development at the HUCHBioMag Laboratory. The essence of computer-assisted TMS is an intelligentuser-interface, by aid of which the operator may plan, perform, monitorand document the experiments in a controlled and reproducible manner. Animportant part of the software is the calculation of the electric fieldinduced in the brain. Stereotactic stimulus targeting is made possibleby 3D localisation of the coil/coils with respect to the head and by displayingthe MR images on the computer screen. The BioMag system is realised usinga motorised coil holder and frameless stereotaxy based on a 3D electromagneticpointer. The concept of computer-assisted TMS is illustrated in Fig. 6.

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What and what does a motor protection system consist of? from 3 phase power supply to the induction motor. what and what exist in between?
Am working on a research on design of electrical system protection of a high voltage motors.

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This is all about three-phase motor protection systems against starting inrush currents, single phasing and overheating. We acknowledge that the information given in this article is helpful for you for a better understanding of this concept. Furthermore, any help for implementing these projects or others, you can contact to us by commenting below.