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Where women have set up enterprises this has often led to small increases in access to income at the cost of heavier work loads and repayment pressures.

The most common explanation for these asymmetries is that acoustically salient tones ...

The only way in which such flexibility and diversity can be adequately addressed to ensure benefit to women is through a participatory planning process. The need for such a process is signalled both within the financial systems approach itself (eg the insistence on market relevance and group lending) and empowerment approaches where the need for grassroots participation is assumed.

Indeed, the concept of microfinance is not new in Ghana.

4.6 : Situation of Loan Recovery and Repayment from the existing Business Income

Results reveal the potential for microfinance to increase investment in household microenterprise, thus exacerbating demand for child labor and reducing education outcomes.

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The degree to which this is a result of women's own decision to switch allegiance because of better credit terms, or because of pressure from men to get access to credit while maintaining their own power, is unclear.

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However, evidence suggests that the prioritisation of cost efficiency and financial sustainability may further dilute the potential contribution of microfinance programmes to women's empowerment.

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These emphases favour large organisations in order to benefit from economies of scale and group lending where groups take much of the responsibility for savings and loan repayment (Otero and Rhyne 1994).

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We know very little about the relative numbers of women within most programmes who benefit or fail to benefit, who these women are, or the contextual and organisational factors influencing this.

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Susu Collectors in Ghana are recognizable for their distinctive, many pocketed coats. Traditionally, they service a set area or group of families with whom they have developed a long relationship.

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She is an honest and hard working woman. In 1991 she opened a savings account with the Uganda Women Finance and Credit Trust and she has been a regular saver.