Some researchers have expressed concerns that women's microfinance programmes may be merely using women as unpaid debt collectors mediating between development agencies and male family members, increasing their dependency on men and/or conflicts between women to fulfil repayment targets (eg Goetz and Sen Gupta 1996; Noponen 1990).


The words ‘English medium’ warm your heart as little kids scramble into the vehicle for their journey. Microfinance and women’s self-help groups that have taken off in a big way in Andhra Pradesh have also contributed to sending village children to English medium schools located 10 or 20 km away.

The Impact of Microfinance on the Empowerment of Rural Women.

GaganBihariSahu, Surjit Singh (2011), studied the impact of microfinance on women’s empowerment.

Why do we think women are disadvantaged in the microfinance sector and still need to be further empowered to develop their businesses? Generally speaking, female borrowers are making slight economic progress thanks to microfinance, even if these financial benefits do not noticeably alter their decision-making power regarding household resources. Their results regarding increasing profit and creating new jobs (per credited dollar) are similar to those of men.


(1997c forthcoming) "Women's Empowerment and Participatory Development: Some issues from the experience of microfinance programmes in Asia" Montgomery, R.

Phd thesis on microfinance and women empowerment

DeeptyBansal (2010),in her Ph.D thesis," Impact of Microfinance on Poverty, Employment and Women Empowerment in Rural Punjab"has tried to find the impact of microfinance programme on poverty alleviation, employment generation and women empowerment of the programme participants.

Microfinance and women empowerment thesis - …

Gender and Micro-Enterprise Development" UNRISD Occasional Paper No 3, Geneva, 1995 Mayoux, L (1995b) "Beyond naivety: Women, gender inequality and participatory development - some thorny issues" Development and Change, 26 (2) Mayoux, L (1997a) "Microfinance Programmes and Women's Empowerment: Towards a Framework for Participatory Planning", Background Discussion Paper, ActionAid UK Mayoux, L.

"Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment in …

The study is based on the hypotheses that microfinance programme generates employment, reduces poverty and empower the women participants of the programme.

Microfinance And Women Empowerment Thesis - …

Most microfinance programmes [3]empower their clients through direct and indirect strategies. Direct empowerment through microfinance takes place when women become members of a group and or when they are exposed to training or workshops intended to foment greater awareness and self-esteem. Belonging to a group leads to the creation of social capital and a support structure.