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Thus, we investigated the impact of sevendifferent normalization methods (reference gene index, global geometricmean, quantile, invariant selection, loess, loessM, and generalizedprocrustes analysis) on intra- and inter-platform performance of twodistinct and commonly used miRNA profiling platforms.

Figure 2. Temporal regulation of the miRNAs  and  and their target genes.

Cephalosporins are another type of beta-lactam antibiotic originally discovered in nature but modified in the laboratory to fight microbes that are naturally resistant to penicillins (especially ). Over the years, the structure of cephalosporin has undergone a series of modifications to improve its effectiveness against penicillin-resistant pathogens. Each modification adds complexity and produces what is called a new “generation” of cephalosporins. There are currently five generations of this semisynthetic antibiotic (). Unfortunately, the microbial world continually adapts and eventually becomes resistant to new antibiotics. In the case of the cephalosporins, new beta-lactamases evolve that can attack the sterically buried beta-lactam rings in these molecules. It is also important to note that because the core feature of these drugs is the beta-lactam ring, persons who are sensitive to penicillins may also suffer a hypersensitivity reaction to cephalosporins.

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However, there is inconsistency about miRNA normalization performancesand recommendations.

In addition, we compare the originalglobal mean method to a modified global mean normalization strategybased on the attribution of equal weight to each individual miRNAduring normalization.

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CONCLUSION: The correlations between Agilent miRNAmicroarray results and qPCR results are generally excellent, as are thecorrelations between different total RNA prep methods.

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This study describes the identification andcharacterization of appropriate reference RNA targets for thenormalization of microRNA (miRNA) quantitative RT-PCRdata.

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We found that while almost all miRNA levelscorrespond between the three methods, there were a few miRNAs whoselevels consistently differed between the different prep techniques whenmeasured by microarray analysis.

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These miRNAs were statisticallysuperior to the most commonly used reference RNAs used in miRNAqRT-PCR experiments, such as 5S rRNA, U6 snRNA, or total RNA.

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Using spiked-in synthetic miRNAs, we furtherexamined the two miRNAs with the lowest correlations, and found thedifferences cannot be attributed to differential sensitivity of the twomethods.

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RESULTS: We measured the expression of 470human miRNAs in nine human tissues using Agilent microarrays, andcompared these results to qPCR profiles of 61 miRNAs in the sametissues.