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Examine, discuss, and apply enabling design technologies, methodologies and computer tools to various mechanical product design and manufacturing process design projects. Address selected design topics and how they are used in Product Development Cycle. Model, simulate, and evaluate various mechanical products and manufacturing process designs.

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Application of the principles of fracture mechanics to problems associated with fatigue and fracture in engineering structures. The course will cover the development of models that apply to a range of materials, geometries, and loading conditions. Prerequisite(s): or permission of instructor.

Mechanical Engineering Theses and Dissertations

Special assignments in mechanical engineering subject matter to be approved by the student's faculty advisor and the department chair.

MS (Thesis Option): This degree is intended for those applicants who expect to enter the engineering profession at an advanced level with some creative research experience. The MS applicant must have a baccalaureate or its equivalent in an engineering or scientific discipline from an institute of recognized standing. The degree requires 30 credit hours of 6000-7000 level courses including 6 credit hours of . A minimum of 21 credit hours of course work should be in mechanical engineering courses. Substitution of courses from other engineering/science disciplines is permitted with prior approval when appropriate courses are unavailable in mechanical engineering. All candidates must pass an oral defense of their written thesis including a comprehensive examination covering the major courses. A committee of at least three faculty members including the major professor will take part in evaluating the thesis.

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Since 1912, Georgia Tech has offered an Undergraduate Cooperative Program to those students who wish to combine career-related experience with classroom studies. Students alternate between industrial assignments and classroom studies until they complete three semesters of work. Co-op students with mechanical engineering majors complete the same coursework on campus that is completed by non-co-op students. Most co-op students begin the program as sophomores or juniors and are classified as full-time students regardless of whether they are attending classes on campus or are full-time at an employer's location. Co-op employment opportunities exist across the USA, and even in foreign countries. Depending on the chosen country, proficiency in a foreign language is usually necessary. Mechanical engineering students have worked in countries such as Germany, China, and Japan.

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The Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering has established concentration areas in sub-fields of Mechanical Engineering. Concentrations are optional for the students; they are not required. The Concentrations are each fifteen hours of classes, and will satisfy the Design Elective, the ME Elective and nine hours of Free Electives. The current Concentrations are:

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The Mechanical Engineering Department offers graduate programs of instruction and research leading to the degrees of master of science (thesis and non-thesis options), and doctor of philosophy. Educational and research facilities are available to support graduate study in solid mechanics, experimental mechanics, electronic packaging and reliability, fracture and failure mechanics, robotics, vibrations, controls, dynamical systems, engineering design, manufacturing, friction-lubrication-wear, engineering acoustics, computer-aided design, fluid dynamics, transportation systems, conventional and renewable energy systems, thermal/fluid sciences and nanotechnology applications. The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an institution of recognized standing. If the applicant’s undergraduate degree is not closely related to mechanical engineering, an individualized plan of study will be developed to impart the critical skills inherent in the bachelor’s mechanical engineering program. This typically includes completing a prescribed number of core undergraduate mechanical engineering courses in addition to the graduate requirements. All applicants must submit Graduate Record Examination scores for the General Test and will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Committee.