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Unsolicited proposals should be submitted via e-mail to our or via post to one of our two main in Montreal and Kingston. We acknowledge proposals when received and will let you know as soon as possible, usually within two weeks, whether we intend to invite your submission of the full manuscript for review. If your proposal is under consideration by other publishers during this period, we would appreciate if you would notify us.

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Action Research into the Teaching of Early Childhood Mathematics Education Ram mcgill thesis submission Punia's Ed.

Abstract – The applications of a range of predictive stability tools during early development will be presented. These will include in-silico tools such as bond dissociation energy predictions and Zeneth, based purely on the molecular structure and used to determine potential drug substance degradants and excipient interactions. Applications of Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) studies across both drug substance and product will also be discussed along with packaging predictions for bottles, blisters and bulk pack configurations. A number of case studies involving different formulation types will be used to demonstrate the impact of these tools and how they can be utilised together to understand the overall stability characteristics and risks for a new drug. The impact of the predictions on the control strategy will be discussed along with how the predicted stability data was presented in regulatory submissions.