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Zeller-Powell, Christine (2011) Defining Biomass as a Source of Renewable Energy: The Lifecycle Carbon Emissions of Biomass energy and a Survey and Analysis of Biomass Definitions in States’ Renewable Portfolio Standards, Federal Law, and Proposed Legislation

The length of the written proposal is expected to be 10 to 20 double-spaced typewritten pages.

The S.T.L. candidate will work in conjunction with the Director and Reader of the thesis in preparing the proposal. When the Director and Reader approve the proposal, it will then be submitted to the faculty of the Academic Area for approval. Subsequently the proposal is submitted to the members of the Ecclesiastical Degree Committee for approval. The proposal is kept in the student’s file.

English Masters Thesis Proposal

An electronic thesis prepared according to university guidelines is required.

Once the Dean has signed the proposal, he will transmit the student's file to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Dean of Graduate Studies will have the proposal assessed by an evaluator outside STRS. On the basis of that evaluation, the Dean of Graduate Studies will either approve the proposal as submitted or ask that it be revised in minor or major ways, and will so inform the student and director. If revisions are necessary, they will need to be made by the student in consultation with the director. The revised proposal must then be resubmitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies, who, in all cases, makes the final decision regarding the approval of the proposal.

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Once the Ph.D. Proposal Committee Chair has the student's proposal as approved by the Committee (or revised in accordance with the Committee's comments) as well as the two required documents listed above, the Chair will write the student a letter officially informing them that the proposal has been approved by the Committee. A copy of that letter will be included in the student's file, which the Chair will submit to the STRS Dean. The Dean will either approve the proposal as submitted and sign the "Request for Approval Form" or ask for changes, which the Dean will communicate to the director and the student. The director and student will make changes and resubmit the proposal to the Dean.

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The Ph.D. Proposal Committee will use a that specifies the instructions articulated in the university guidelines for proposals. The proposal should be organized as follows:

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If they pass, they should obtain all signatures at that time and submit the form along with a copy of the proposal to the BME office for the Chair of the BME Graduate Committee's signature.

Literature Review For Masters Thesis Proposal

These regulations apply to PhD and STD proposals. A student, who has been formally admitted to candidacy, is eligible to submit a doctoral proposal. The following guidelines for the dissertation proposal must be carefully followed:

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A reader for the thesis is assigned from the faculty; the director and reader are responsible for approving the proposal and placing it in the student’s file. The student, with the help of a faculty member who serves as director, will prepare a one-page thesis proposal that presents the background, purpose, method, and contribution of the thesis. The proposal with a selected bibliography will be submitted to the Director of the Academic Area for approval and will then go to the M.A. Committee for final approval.