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Explore the graduate degree programs offered by Regent University School of Business Leadership: its M. MBA, DSL and Ph. Programs. Master Thesis Mba

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Master thesis mba Introduction; Academic Calendar; Admissions; Curriculum; Course Descriptions; Tuition Fees; The SBS Flex MBA is a part time program developed to provide students with.

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A number of Clemson University's doctoral programs are direct-entry if you have a bachelor's degree, so you don’t have to hold a master’s degree to enter the PhD program. Those programs are listed below. For a printable PDF of this program list, click .

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Students use (the form previously called GS6BS/MS) to request participation in either type of plan. Under this plan, students may reduce the time necessary to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s/doctoral degree by applying graduate credits to both undergraduate and graduate program requirements.

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